The Laboratory of Everyday Things NOT Team WINNERS Smart Cities MIAMI 2019 Design Your Coral Gables: Smart City Solutions Competition Ricardo Lopez, Teofilo Victoria, Adib Cure, Rogelio Cadena
Compettition,  Smart Cities Miami 2019

N.O.T. Lands 1st Place in the 2019 Smart City Solutions Competition

The final presentations for the inaugural Design Your Coral Gables: Smart City Solutions Competition were held at eMerge Americas on Monday, April 29, 2019. The event was led by Joel Zysman, Director, CCS Advanced Computing, and Raimundo Rodulfo, Director, IT for the City of Coral Gables. This three-month Competition, officially launched in January at the 3rd annual Smart Cities MIAMI Conference yielded some great ideas. The Competition was designed in collaboration with the University of Miami School of Architecture,  the Center for Computational Science, and the City of Coral Gables.

Winners were selected by a panel of expert judges based on the proposal’s interconnectivity, originality, transparency, sustainability, feasibility, impact, cost effectiveness, and interdisciplinarity.

The Competition panel of judges included:

  • Rodolphe el-Khoury (Dean, UM School of Architecture and Director, Smart Cities program, UM CCS)
  • Pamela Fuertes (Director, Economic Development, City of Coral Gables)
  • Chris Mader (Director, Software Engineering, UM CCS)
  • Nelson Gonzalez (Assistant Director, IT, City of Coral Gables) , and
  • Matt Anderson (Sr. Sustainability Analyst, City of Coral Gables).


The KAYROS team | Justo Vera-Ayesteran and Tupack Rhea | proposed UZIEL Charging Stations, addressing the need for public charging stations for electric vehicles.  Their presentation examined various citizen concerns such as: locating charging stations and available amenities while they wait. Their solution proposed leased, unattended, covered, modular charging stations with a smart floor, powered by solar panels that could also offset electrical costs during peak hours. The UZIEL charging stations would add a module to the existing City of Coral Gables mobile app, and could be grid-connected. The KAYROS team went on to earn 3rd place in the competition.


The SMART DAY CORAL GABLES team | Neil Schwam, Luis Carbonell, Elsa Mehary |  addressed the capitalization of existing data to identify patterns, using data directly from cell phones, as opposed to the Waze app that gets data from users.  This information would then be used for reverse marketing for City services.  This proposal landed the Smart Day Coral Gables team 2nd place in the competition.


THE LABORATORY OF EVERYDAY THINGSN.O.T. (Neighborhood Oriented Transit) Team | Adib Cure, Rick Lopez, Chen  Mingyu, Teofilo Victoria, Rogelio Cadena, and Wang Jing | proposed combining existing local modes of transportation into one mobile app; providing users a schedule, service locations, and connections County-wide for services like:  Trolleys, Metrorail/Metromover, Hurry Canes Shuttle, Pedestrian Corridors, Bicycle Paths, County Bus Routes, County Shuttles, and the Free Bee. The Spin Scooters and Bikes data could also be incorporated into this mobile app.


Team POINCIANA II  | Zoheb Anjum, Andre Rivero-Guevara |  proposed the integration of Google traffic information with the County traffic lights controlling system.  The team connected with the Miami-Dade County Public Works and Waste Management office of Frank Aria, Chief, Traffic Signals and Signs Division to understand where the County is headed with transportation control, and what is current practice.  The team also explored what it would entail to have Coral Gables included in the management of this traffic lights/traffic flow.


First place went to The Laboratory of Everyday Things – N.O.T. Team. Winners earned a cash prize coupled with other prizes from the City of Coral Gables Parks and Recreation.  All participants will be celebrated and recognized at the Coral Gables City Commission meeting on May 14, 2019.

Congratulations to all the participants!

First Place Winners in the Smart Cities MIAMI 2019 Design Your Coral Gables: Smart City Solutions Competition (Ricardo Lopez, Teofilo Victoria, Adib Cura, and Rogelia Cadena; not pictured Chen Mingyu and Wang Jing)



Joseph Brancato, Keynote Speaker, Smart Cities MIAMI 2020

SAVE THE DATE:  The 2020 Smart Cities MIAMI Conference will be on held on Thursday, April 2 , 2020, with keynote speaker Joseph Brancato, of Gensler.  The event will be hosted in the Stanley and Jewell Glasgow Lecture Hall at the University of Miami School of Architecture, 1223 Dickinson Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146.







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