Miami Worldcenter Night Plaza
Smart Cities Miami 2018,  Workshop

Day 2 Workshop: Hacking Main Street 4/6/2018

Smart Cities Conference Miami 2018 presents the “Hacking Main Street” Workshop which will look into the design and development of sensors with a built-in capacity to deliver information at the point of data collection. The main idea revolves around the general theme of turning the “under the hood” processes of data collection and digital connectivity into on-site visualizations carrying intelligible messages. The smart city we envision communicates the information it generates from its ubiquitous sensors at every opportunity, as an integral feature of the built environments, rather than through dashboards on desktop computers or smart devices. The goal of these systems is to heighten awareness which could result in a cultural shift as well as an immediate behavioral response. To this end, participants in this workshop will team up to ideate and produce a concept (for system that delivers information at the point of data collection) related to any domain of public life, from entertainment to sea-level rise and health. Experts from the University of Miami will kick off the workshop with short presentations of key areas for consideration when designing these systems.

FREE WORKSHOP |  Attendance by Selection only

“Hacking Main Street: How can technology enhance public space?”

8:30 AM  Registration and Continental Breakfast (groups will be indicated on your badge)

9:00 AM  Framing the Scope: Presentations (10 minutes each) 10:00 – 10:15 AM  Coffee Break

10:15 PM  Hacking Main Street

12:30 PM  Lunch (provided)

1:00 PM  Presentations (5 groups, with 5 minutes each and 5 minutes for Q and switching presenters)

1:50 – 2:00 PM  Award and Closing Remarks